openalud.360, the holistic health and wellness platform that promises to always take care of your employees

openalud.360, the holistic health and wellness platform that promises to always take care of your employees

Born in 2019 as a telemedicine solution that specializes in primary care, the platform has evolved to become In the comprehensive health and wellness platform for companiespioneered in Spain and Mexico.

open 360 (formerly Open Health) It is a platform developed by OpensMultinational participationhelpand maintains a strategic alliance with it to develop advanced technological solutions in the field of health and well-being.

The only 360 health and wellness platform

open 360that it A digital health and wellness platform For companies that include in the same integrated solution (all in one) Online access to The best health professionals (Doctors with more than 40 specialties, psychologists, nutritionists…), the most advanced Health and wellness programs (meditation, online gym, live classes, health programs, customized content…), the largest group of private clinical services on a large scale, integration with devices and wearable To monitor your health and the most advanced Health and wellness counters Both individual and corporate.

The desired goal is open 360It is to keep the workforce in shape in a sustainable manner, taking comprehensive care of both employees and even their families, taking a different approach to traditional health insurance. Absenteeism, performance, teamwork, matchmaking, retention, attraction, are different versions of the same problem, because no one doubts it The most productive work is the work that comes out of the hand of a happy person.

Specialist in mental and emotional health

Let’s start from a very fragile general state of mental and emotional health (particularly in developed countries), where the current situation has ended in a flood and this will have a tremendous impact on current and future organizations.

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Anxiety, stress, depression, family and couple problems, a change of management, new work habits, a return to existence … These are situations that we can overcome if we have the right software and, above all, the support of a professional expert. It was chosen by the user, and it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

When it comes to mental and emotional health, stains don’t workemployees do not use poorly configured software and services, so the returns are very poor.

The key to an institutional health and wellness program is that it is accessible and easy to implement.

Feature open 360It is that its implementation and start-up is very simple, taking care of a work team of 30 as well as 30,000 employees with the same efficiency, making it the perfect solution for any type of company and a service highly appreciated by the employees.

opensalud360 solutions will soon be available to other groups through Opens s Mintum.

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