“They took it out of context; the media misinterpreted it”

The A builder Who bought a “palace” in Canada, posted Video To explain how he got it. They took it out of context. The media misinterpreted it,” he said.

Which is that the Mexican considered that the message was not understood. In addition, he explained that he got an “average” house with a joint job in that country.

He said, “With a joint job, I can buy a joint house.” A builder who came to Canada Looking for a better life.

Photo: YouTube / Diego Saul Reyna Español

Regarding the media, he made it clear that his goal is not to benefit from the video that has gone viral, but to contribute to creating positive change in society.

Please don’t get hung up on my content. I don’t need them, you know the big challenges you’ve faced Canada“he added.

The A builder He explained that the idea was to document his experience. He said his tenant stopped paying the mortgage and was evicted.

So they gave him 30 days to look for a new home. Together with his sick wife, he urgently began to search and take the first apartment he found.

We are facing a ‘big resignation’ in Canada. I came to this country because I had no other choice. I wanted to give a positive message and they turned it into a class artist,” he said.

Finally, the A builder He explained in the video that his dreams had nothing to do with any material possession. Which is that he lives in the said property because it was the only house available.


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