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Details of the health file that the patient He was vaccinated with both doses, is meet Isolation for your arrival, as well as four close contacts and They have no symptoms.

The 38-year-old, a resident of St. Louis County, attended a labor event in South Africa and Returned to the country on November 30. “The PCR test was performed before the return flight to Argentina (where it arrived via the United States) according to established protocols, and the result was negative.”

On December 2, the traveler learned that “People he came into contact with at a work event in South Africa have been diagnosed with positive cases of Covid-19, which is why he consults his local health system, even though he has no symptoms.”

A new diagnostic test for SARS-CoV-2 (antigen and PCR test) was performed, which yielded both positive results.Salud noted.

Faced with this situation, the county authorities “report to the National Health Authority, send the sample for genetic sequencing to the national reference laboratory, and study the sample at the San Luis County Public Health Laboratory for the detection of characteristic mutations. PCR as a test”, obtaining Results with ellipses compatible with Omicron or Alpha . variants‘, adds the official information.

finally, “The first case of the Omicron variant has been confirmed in Argentina by the National Reference Laboratory on a traveler from South Africa.

What was said

Minister Carla Vizzotti considered it “inevitable that the micron variant continues to spread and reach Argentina.”He ruled out the application of compulsory vaccination because he considered the vaccination coverage in the country to be “very good”.

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In addition, Vizzotti explained that the expectation for this new alternative, which originated in southern Africa and advances in the northern hemisphere, is that “Cases increase but not hospitalizations and deaths”, although it was considered that it was not known whether it would result in the displacement of the dominant delta variable.

Omicron main features

  • It is classified by the World Health Organization as a different type of anxiety
  • He has a large number of mutations
  • It results in a rapid increase in the frequency and substitution of the circulating virus, which at the time was a delta variant, and also a rapid increase in cases


In general, they are similar to those we already know, although this has been observed in the cases revealed They had no loss of taste or smell, Unlike that:

  • Fatigue and muscle pain
  • Fever
  • dry cough
  • throat pain
  • Headache
  • arrhythmia

Spread in the community

According to the Ministry of Health, micron cases have been identified in other countries Africa, Asia and Oceania, 17 of European Union In more than 15 states United States, Canada And Mexico.

Although most cases outside South Africa are associated with travelers, registration of community transmission has begun in many countries.

At the regional level, imported cases have been reported in Brazil And Chile.

Regarding the severity of clinical images generated by Ómicron, the World Health Organization noted that “Preliminary data indicate that there is an increase in hospitalization rates in South AfricaAlthough he cautioned, “this may be due to the increase in the total number of people infected, and not as a result of a specific omicron infection.”

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Regarding the efficacy of current tests, the World Health Organization noted that “widely used PCR tests continue to detect omicron infection, as we have seen with other variants as well”, while

Regarding the effectiveness of current treatments, the agency noted that “Corticosteroids and IL6 receptor blockers will remain effective in treating patients with severe COVID-19.In the meantime, other treatments will be evaluated to see if they remain effective. “


  • Start or complete vaccination schedules according to current recommendations
  • Everyone 3 years of age and older should get two doses of the vaccine
  • Those over 60 years of age who received Sinopharm as their base schedule, and those over 3 years of age and immunocompromised patients should receive a third additional dose to complete their schedule.
  • Wear the chin strap indoors and outdoors when you are around other people who don’t live together
  • keep distance
  • Maintain continuous and cross ventilation of common rooms with non-cohabiting people (social gatherings, work, school, recreational spaces and all other common enclosed spaces.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water
  • Consult early if you have one or more symptoms consistent with Covid -19 and respect isolation, for positive cases, and quarantine of close contacts of positive cases.


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