They reveal that Richard Nixon ordered the destabilization of Salvador Allende In detail, the new declassified documents

Documents declassified in recent hours provide more data on The participation of the United States in the process of destabilizing Salvador Allende in Chile. This is proven by the released materials, When there is one month left until the fiftieth anniversary of the military coup Who brought Augusto Pinochet to power.

This is material from the National Security Archives of the United States, which was known on Tuesday, and which researcher Peter Kornbluh had already cited in his book Pinochet, declassified. Documents appear Richard Nixon was implicated in the harassment and overthrow of the People’s Unity Government.

Elected President of Chile in September 1970, Allende was the first socialist to come to power through the ballot box. He took office on November 3. Days ago, the elected president He had to avoid what could be the first act of aggression toward the coup September 11, 1973: Army Commander Rene Schneider is assassinated.

A legal general, Schneider was attacked by an extreme right-wing group while he was driving his car. The idea was to kidnap him, but a shootout ensued, he was wounded and died. The documents recreate a dialogue between Nixon and Henry Kissinger. The president’s then-adviser told him there was “a turn for the worse, But it didn’t cause anything else.”; And that “the next step should have been government takeover (referring to the army), but that didn’t happen.

According to Kornbluth, Nixon and Kissinger “are entirely fixated on the incompetence of the Chilean military, which failed to carry out the coup to seize power, shut down Congress and prevent Allende’s inauguration.” The idea was that without Schneider in the middle, the putschist wing of the army would block Allende’s rise.. He was succeeded by Carlos Prats, who subordinated himself to civilian power until his fall in August 1973. He was succeeded by Pinochet, who led the coup that began after 17 years of dictatorship that lasted 17 years.

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“It’s incredible that 50 years later, we’re still learning key details of the way the United States tried to block, frustrate, undermine and destabilize its first elected socialist president,” said Kornbluh, who also revealed. Nixon’s meeting in those days with Augustine Edwards, the owner of the newspaper Mercury. Edwards was out of Chile throughout Allende’s government, and his newspaper devoted itself to undermining the president.

Chile is one of the CIA’s most notorious covert operationsand where you have an explicit association with the President of the United States ordering the overthrow of a democratically elected government,” Kornbluh added.

Publish documents This came at the request of the Chilean ambassador in WashingtonJuan Gabriel Valdés, who asked to reveal what Nixon said about Chile in the White House.

Thus, it became known that a few days after Allende’s victory and Nixon’s meeting with Edwards, the Republican president called CIA Director Richard Helms to a meeting that included Kissinger and Attorney General (Justice Minister) John Mitchell. there Helms is tasked with stopping Allende’s assumption. This was the origin of the attack on Schneider, which was later commented on over the phone in the Nixon conversation with Kissinger that is now beginning to emerge.

The anniversary of the coup in Chile offers them their best opportunity to learn their lessons about the sanctity of democratic processes against the dangers of authoritarianism. Lessons that remain immediately relevant not only for Chileans, but for the global communityIncluding the United States.”

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