What is Android one-handed mode and how to use it

One-handed mode allows you to access the features at the top of the screen without using both hands. (Unsplash)

Given the growth of mobile screens, it is necessary to have an option that allows them to be used comfortably at certain times. It is with this concept that the function arises in android that allow the device to be operated with one hand.

With this tool you can perform the same actions as in normal mode, only in a small space and the option to do everything with one hand, in case you are busy or do not have how to use both ends.

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This feature is available on all devices android What it allows is the reorganization of the interface the screen To make access to the top of the board easier.

By enabling this feature, users can scroll down or minimize content, making it easier to access a file Notifications and applications and other items at the top of the screen.

This is especially useful in situations where using both hands would be inconvenient or even impossible, such as when holding the phone with one hand while performing a task.

One-handed mode allows you to access the features at the top of the screen without using both hands. (Unsplash)
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Each mobile phone brand has designed its own implementation of this function, adapting it to its own unique features and design. So we provide a guide on how to activate this tool on Android in some of the brands with the most users:

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These devices have their own variant of one-handed placement. To enable it, you have to go to Settings, then Advanced features and there select “One-handed operation mode”.

Here, users can choose to activate it via the home button (triple tap) or by a diagonal upward gesture from any bottom corner, making it easy to access without going through that lengthy process.

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Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO

For these mobiles, this tool is found by going to Settings, then you have to select Additional settings and then One-handed mode.

In this panel, users can customize the size to which the screen will be minimized, as well as activate the mode by sliding their finger from the sides of the screen.

One-handed mode allows you to access the features at the top of the screen without using both hands. (Unsplash)


To access this function, you must go to Settings, then Accessibility features, and there select One-handed mode.

If you want to activate it through gestures, it is possible to do so by moving your finger diagonally upwards from the bottom corner and with the keys you have to slide from the navigation keys.

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other Android devices

In case you have another brand of Android cell phone, here is a way to find this tool and it works for all equally:

– Go to settings.

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– In the search bar, put One-handed mode.

– Access the option that appears in the results and configure the job.

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