They hunt a monkey in Japan from a herd that has attacked up to 50 people | Like Planet of the Apes

As if it was the classic movie Planet of the Apes, but without science fiction, it was a city Yamaguchi He has been threatened in recent weeks by a pack of Monkeys that attacked about 50 people. This situation led the authorities to launch a campaign to hunt them down, which appears to be bearing fruit: it was announced that A monkey was captured and killed. This is a man who was surprised when he was walking around a school in the Japanese city.

for three weeks The monkey gang has been trackedWhich became news because of the repeated attacks on the population who suffered Bites and scratches The concern was so great that government officials hired fishermen to hunt for specimens. From the local Department of Agriculture they determined that the monkey had a tranquilizer and was caught near a lake on the school grounds..

After making sure that, in fact, It was one of the monkeys attacking people, it was sacrificed. He was reportedly estimated to be four and a half years old, and about one meter in length. Now keep looking for other monkeys.

The case of a man eating Tsavo

Although cheerful and without serious consequences, the case of Japanese monkeys It refers to two lions who, at the end of the nineteenth century, attacked and devoured many men in Africa During the construction of the railway linking Uganda and Kenya.

English presenter John Henry PattersonWho arrived to oversee the business killed the two cats in 1899. The corpses of the lions are kept in the Field Museum in Chicago.

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