They catch Ed Sheeran singing in a car in New York

British singer Ed Sheeran The vocals for the song were recorded in the New York borough Sohoin south Manhattanin which a jury acquitted the artist the day before of partly plagiarizing his subject matter.”Thinking out loud“song chord progression”Let’s go“, l Marvin Gay.

“Can I sing you one?” Song before I go? The artist is heard to say United kingdomon a parked vehicle, before translating one of his songs, accompanied by his guitar.

Sheeran It was denounced by the heirs Ed Townsendco-author of the song Marvin Gayin a lawsuit dating back to and about 2017 Sheeran He went so far as to say that he would retire from music if the complainants won the case.

During the two weeks that the trial lasted, Ed Sheeran I take one guitar To interpret the song that is the subject of controversy before the jury, in a distinguished vocal performance through which he apparently managed to convince them that there was no version in the “chord progression”.

Leaving the court, ed Sheeran He read a statement he had written declaring that he felt “just a man with a guitar Who loves to write music People enjoy itHe added, “I am not and never will allow myself to be Piggy bank anyone to shake it.”

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Sheeran He is about to release his new album and embark on a US tour as part of his “Mathematics” world tour, on which he avoided a stop in New York.

Plans to play twenty concerts in the US and Canada between May 6 (Arlington, TX) and September 23 (Inglewood, CA), with two trips to Canada, on June 17 (Toronto) and September 2 (Vancouver) to promote their album “=”,

Sheeran includedThinking out loudon his album “X”, which has sold millions of copies.

The singer had already won another similar trial in the UK in March last year for “copyright infringement” in his song “form you“.

And the singer wrote on his Twitter account last year: “Serendipity must happen. If 60,000 songs are posted on Spotify every day, that means 22 million songs in a year. There are only 12 notes available.”

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