They arrested a fake doctor who was working in a hospital in Exaltacion de la Cruz

They arrested a fake doctor working in a hospital in Capilla del Señor

Agents Argentine Federal Police They arrived at a house in Buenos Aires San Francisco Solano With an arrest warrant signed by the Campana Federal Court in charge of the judge Adrian Gonzalez Sharvay. They were looking for him nga 43-year-old woman, is accused of practicing medicine illegally.

The action was carried out by members of the Anti-Fraud Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday morning and was positive: the suspect was arrested and additionally found. Fake license plates, copies of university degrees, and stamps from various majorsamong other types of materials being analyzed.

The sources in the case indicated information The investigation into N.J.’s case began several months ago, when the director of one of the municipal health centers in the town revealed Church of the LordThe Exaltación de la Cruz party discovered some irregularities in various documents submitted by a woman who actually worked at the hospital. Hold a position medical clinic.

Specifically, doubts arose about the account information provided by this employee, where her salary was deposited monthly: This account belongs to another woman with a similar name.. This alarmed the hospital authorities, who decided to analyze all the information provided by N.J. In more detail. Thus, they discovered other inconsistencies that led to the assumption that many of the documents were so trout.

N.J. during his detention

Faced with this situation, the hospital’s medical director came to the headquarters of the Federal Court in Campana and filed a complaint. Judge Gonzalez Sharvay delegated the investigation to the above-mentioned department of the PFA and investigators were able to verify that the documents were indeed fake and that the suspect She was not a doctor and pretended to be someone else.

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Once he was identified, police went to N.J. While searching his house, they kidnapped him Four license plates, six copies of university certificates, and 14 prescriptions with different doctors’ stamps And specialties such as clinical diseases, infectious diseases and surgery.

They also found syringes, scalpels and other supplies, stethoscopes, bags for dispensing solutions and medicines, boxes of masks and clothing usually used by doctors: two complete ones and a jacket were found.

During the raid on the accused’s home, six copies of university certificates were found.

The accused, whose cell phone was also seized, was notified of the case against her and was transferred to a cell at the Central Police Department. There he was placed at the disposal of the intervening court.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the case continues, because although N.J. He was currently unemployed, It is suspected that she was working as a doctor and nurse in other health care centres.

In April this year, the ATP arrested another bogus doctor who, in her case, was practicing her profession illegally in two offices in the city of Buenos Aires. GuernicaIn President Peron’s party.

What was kidnapped from a trout doctor who worked at Capilla del Monte

The woman was identified as MT, a 61-year-old resident of the town of San Justo, of Bolivian nationality. His arrest came after a complaint Usurpation of titleThey accused her of working under the name, registration, and title of a professional whose personal data she stole. His victims, according to sources in the case, were patients from low-income areas.

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During raids on the health centers where she worked, investigators found dozens of medical care records in which the name of the accused was mentioned, who introduced herself as Specialized in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics and General Clinic.

Specifically, MT was arrested while she was treating a patient pretending to be an obstetrician.

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