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Few stories are known about these children who excel at an early age and belong to the select group that has it IQ above average. In this case, it was found that A 9 year old girl has an IQ similar to that of Albert Einstein and in the next few days she will start her medical degree.

The protagonist of this story Michelle Arellano Gillin. The little Mexican became known as A genius girl from Chiapas“. This is because He has an IQ of 158.Only two points less than the German scientist Albert Einstein or the world Stephen Hawking.

Michelle has been featured since she was young. When I was only a year and a half old already He could speak English fluently, at the age of four he learned to read and write. Currently It handles four languages, plus Spanish.

The parents of the “genius girl” contributed to the development of her full potential and the ability to advance in her learning. They both work in the health field in the Mexican city and have provided him with different knowledge and even been able to watch some surgeries.

However, not everything was easy for Michelle. According to her mother Karina, There were schools that refused to accept them Because they made it clear that they don’t have a faculty that can motivate them properly “IntelligenceWhen she was accepted, the girl learned the most complex subjects in a short time and then got bored.

Faced with this situation, Michele’s parents asked the Minister of Local Education “class accelerationAnd so he progressed from fourth to sixth grade. A few months later he finished primary school and passed an exam and only four months later, last March, Completely pass high school with another unique test.

“They told us they could do the accreditation for one evaluation. We accept this offer. In November 2021, it accredits primary school and in March 2022, it accredits middle and high school through a single test as well.‘, the woman details in a TV note.

Michele registered a medical degree from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Similarly, some time ago she sent her application for admission to the prestigious University of Massachusetts and is still waiting for a response.

If the minor passes the entrance exam, she will move with her family to the North American country to continue her desire Become a cardiovascular surgeon. In addition, her mother realized that in the future the girl would also like to devote herself to biology.

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