They are requesting reports on the condition of the young medical student

After the Department of Justice stated that restrictive measures of liberty were never issued to the young medical student who claimed she was arrested when she denounced the injury of her classmate, the woman’s lawyer, Daniel Deprete, this Thursday delivered a letter at the Public Prosecutor’s Office No. 1, Yésica Miranda, To investigate and report under what circumstances, motives, mandate and where her client has been detained.

In an interview with El Ancasti, Deprete indicated that he had met this morning with the Minister of Women, Diversity and Gender Maria Carrizo, and that he had informed her that they would request the relevant reports from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Fourth Police Station and the Women’s Council. security Department.

The incident took place on Saturday 4 September under the authority of the Fourth Commissioner. The young woman reportedly told the police that she had injured a boy while he was trying to defend himself and that he withdrew. The duty attorney, at the time, Jesica Miranda, ordered that the alleged wound be pursued to determine its health and ordered that it be reviewed by a physician.

Finally, the young woman made a judicial offer, but when the Prosecutor General Horacio Brizuela was already on duty and there he reported her injuries. When the date of the event was established, Instruction Office No. 1 was handed over to the Prosecutor.

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