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if you love me squid game Among the many things that make this series a worldwide success, its scripts and shows are likely to be at the top of that list. The feat of balancing the more graphic elements of horror with the drama of a particular group of people that reflects the social desperation of many is credited to its author and director, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, but the responsibility to put body and heart on the shoulders of characters going through the extreme circumstances of the plot is from the actors. Especially from Lee Jung-jae, a devoted film and TV translator from his country with the charisma and versatility necessary to embody the dashing Seong Ki-hun, revealing the ruins of the life he could have lived before everything got out of hand. Season. Available on Netflix

Lee Jong Jae, in the political drama Chief of Staff

you will love Foreman. In appearance, Seong Ki-hun and Kang Tae-jun have nothing in common. The first is a compulsive gambler who lives by making the worst decisions and pulling out his many mistakes while relying on magical solutions to change his luck. The second is a decorated ex-cop, a confident man who knows how to navigate the mighty and measures every step they take with pinpoint accuracy. The fact that both characters were played by the same actor, Lee Jong Jae, seems to be just a coincidence. However, a few episodes of Foreman, a series about the complex political maneuvers that take place on the floor of the Congress of South Korea – although it could be set in Argentina, France or the United States – to learn what unites both characters. Without neglecting local signs or cultural peculiarities, fiction tells a universal story through Kang Tae-jun, the principal advisor to the ruling party’s vice president, a brilliant and dangerous strategist who knows how to navigate the turbulent waters of politics even though their autonomy is clearly limited and the real power is always in the hands of others. Two seasons available on Netflix

Josh Thomas, creator and protagonist of Please Like Me in a scene from the series
Josh Thomas, creator and protagonist of Please Like Me in a scene from the series

if you love me please like me In 2013 when this Australian comedy was released, there was nothing quite like it in the world of the series. And now, many years after its creator and hero, Josh Thomas, the show remains as unique and fascinating as it was back then. The story of Josh (Thomas), a young man in his twenties who accepts homosexuality on the same day, discovers the gravity of his mother’s depression and deals with his relationship with his friends and this father who loves him even though he does not love her. Really knowing how to relate to it, he blends comedy and tragedy with freshness and mastery, giving each character their own life and experiences. A wonderful novel that has stood the test of time. Four seasons. Available on Netflix

Maeve Press, Josh Thomas and Kayla Cromer are all going to be okay
Maeve Press, Josh Thomas and Kayla Cromer are all going to be okay HBO Max

you will love Everything will be fine. Already showing his talent for telling the stories of his contemporaries and even his parents’ generation and to find the balance between autobiography and fiction, Thomas decided to make the leap from Australian television to American television by experiencing unknown terrain. And not just geographically. In this drama (a narrative mixture of drama and comedy), the ordeals of Nicholas (Thomas), an Australian man visiting the home of his father and half-sisters in the United States, were hilarious first and then tragic and hilarious again. But this time his eyes are mostly focused on Matilda (Kayla Cromer) and Genevieve (Maeve Press), the teenage sisters he barely knows. When his father announces that he has little time left to live and suggests to Nicholas to take care of the girls what would be a melodrama – so often seen – about the formation of a new family, thanks to the strange appearance of Thomas, it turns into a story with scenes in which you can laugh and be torn at same time. As with his first series, challenging topics that other creators choose to avoid are the catalyst for this author’s unique talent. Season. Available on HBO Max

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