They accused Yamila Rodriguez of being ‘anti-Messi’ for Cristiano Ronaldo’s tattoo and broke down

In the midst of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Argentine soccer player Yamila Rodriguez He asked about it Stop criticism that you receive through social networks.

FIFA is concerned about the lack of interest in the Women’s World Cup

With less than two months to go before the event, few tickets are sold out for matches and broadcast rights have not yet been negotiated in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, due to a lack of sufficient offers from the chains.

front has Tattooed and fetishized Cristiano Ronaldoresulting in many people appearing Branding on social networks for “against Messi” After Argentina’s defeat by Italy in the competition being held in Australia and New Zealand.

Mila expressed her annoyance on her social networks: “please enough; I’m not having a good time. At what point did I say that I am Against Messi? Stop saying things I didn’t say because I’m having a really hard time (in the middle of a World Cup to represent the country). I don’t have a bad time for you, but for The atrocities told mercilessly. Can’t you get an idol or player you like? please”.

“I didn’t say I was against Messi, it will not be. Messi is our great leader From selection, but I say it My inspiration and idol is the CR7 It doesn’t mean that I hate Messi, but I love another player more, the one who inspired me. what’s the problem? We all like different things And this must be true, ”the footballer wrote.

Then he added:We don’t just have to love our country’s players. Please understand that this is football and everyone has their own favourites. Highlighting one does not mean burying the other. Enough, tired, it hurts.

Yamela asked the Argentine fans to preview the World Cup

The footballer asked them to closely follow the national team even in early morning matches from Argentina. “I hope all Argentines will accompany us. It’s interesting that watches are like this. Now it’s up to us Play the world cup and I hope everyone is awake Or keep joking and make us bearRodriguez said.

The brutal clash in the women’s football final that had fans worried: ‘The blow is too hard’

The incident occurred 37 minutes into the first half and the player had to be substituted.

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