What conditions must be met by candidates for the presidency of the United States?

To aspire to Running for president in the United StatesThe country’s constitution clearly defines it Three basic requirements Must be fulfilled.

The established criteria are the pillars on which the democratic process is based to nominate who will lead the nation. Most importantly, any individual who meets these requirements has the opportunity to run for president.

The White House, the official residence of the President of the United States. Image: iStock.

Requirements needed to be President of the United States

according to Official website of the United States governmentThe first basic requirement to run for the presidency of the United States is Be a US citizen by birth, Without having to undergo the naturalization process.

This means that the birthright citizenship requirement applies to those born in the United States, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. However, there are exceptional cases in which a person born in the United States may not be considered a natural-born citizen, such as children of foreign diplomats.

Although the Constitution and the Supreme Court do not provide a clear definition in this regard, there is uncertainty as to whether those who automatically acquire citizenship by being born outside the country are considered natural citizens.

Elections in the United States are approaching.  picture.  iStock.Elections in the United States are approaching. picture. iStock.

the Third conditionbut no less important, requires Have lived at least 14 years in the United States.

on Criminal recordConstitutional requirements do not exclude persons accused or convicted of crimes from applying. In the past there have been cases of convicts running for federal office, such as Eugene Debs in 1920, who did so from prison on espionage charges and received more than 900,000 votes.

This aspect becomes important in the 2024 elections due to the criminal charges against former President and current candidate Donald Trump.

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