Get this amazing co-op roguelike for free that gives us over 100 hours of gameplay. Dungeon of the Endless is one click away from becoming yours – Dungeon of the Endless

Amplitude Studios can be yours if you’re in a hurry, because there’s only 48 hours left to get it!

How could it be otherwise, Steam offers us something else Free game. The Gabe Newell folks have been known to go out of their way to add titles we might never try to our game library, but we got them for free, so no problem with that. It’s time today, and for a limited time, Dungeon of the Endless, a roguelike game that’s so good it has 87% positive reviews And that he will have a sequel in a few months.

it’s a game Up to 4 players co-op Set in a spaceship full of monsters. Amplitude Studios’ title forces us to Generator protection From our ship as we deal with the space threats that surround us. The game focuses on waves, with each level of the ship being a level in itself.

In fact, if you recognize the word “Endless” in the title, the truth is that the game belongs to an saga that Amplitude has not parted with in the 12 years that the team has existed. his first game endless series It arrived in 2012 with Endless Space and in 2023 they are launching Endless Dungeon.

The game will be available exclusively on Steam, though it’s also available on consoles and mobile, until the following day. July 27th. During these 48 hours, you can enter the official page of the game on the Valve platform and Click “Run”. Once done, a roguelike will appear automatically in your library.

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