These three new games look amazing and it’s not the only good news

The Devolver digital event surprises with new announcements and a huge absence.

events digital back It’s bullshit, yes, but it’s hard not to have a good time with the crazy stories their actors tell. Better? That aside from silly humor, you’ll always find a good selection of games worth making your wishlist, and at this 2022 event, there are plenty of candidates to cover that list.

In just 25 minutes, the publisher has brought three new games to the table Worth watching closely, although they will unfortunately go to 2023. It’s amazing, yes, one of Devolver Digital’s most awaited games has missed out on this event. We are talking, of course, about Back to Monkey Islandwhich can be seen in PC Game Show taking place in a few days.

feet of anger

Take out a colorful group of anthropomorphic enemies. Anger Foot was one of the great ads for the Devolver Showcase event, drawing our attention not only to its graphic section and fast pace, but also to how much fun it seems to make its way through kicking doors and calendars through the crazy city of sewers in which this shooter takes place. Clear slums, sewers, and skyscrapers as you collect new weapons, unlock sneakers, and level up your power in totally weird but awesome ways starting in 2023 right now on PC.

Pregnancy worship

Although we’ve already seen several video game trailers, Cult of the Lamb continues to surprise us with the special color and design of this proposal as we are challenged to take on the role of a possessed lamb, who is saved by an ominous stranger from annihilation. , who must organize a cult to save your religion and destroy the infidels along the way. Also good news: the video game already has a release date. Specifically, it is expected to premiere on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch on August 11th.

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The Blacky Square

Here we have one of the most beautiful games that you can find today. The Plucky Squire trailer makes you want to play harder with every passing second of this beautiful adventure that begins on the pages of a children’s book, in 2D cartoon style, and ends with 3D graphics on the desk in the children’s room. A visually captivating proposition that makes us want to know more about its challenges, which we know at the moment will combine 2D and 3D action, with puzzles, boxing matches, jetpack exploration, and many more mini-games. It will be released on PC in 2023.

skate story

So majestic in his theater that we couldn’t stop looking at the screen. Devolver Digital continues to show its keen eye when it comes to chasing indie developments with Skate Story, a skate video game where you can do all kinds of aerial stunts with one caveat: we’ll have to travel through the ashes and smoke of the underworld while embarking on a seemingly impossible mission. In this way, you not only have to be the best at skateboarding, but also number one, killing all kinds of demons and saving other tormented souls. It will be available on PC in 2023.

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