A company from Huelva participates in the presentation of the new Netflix movie Garra

Drafting. On Wednesday, June 8, Netflix premiered The Paw is a movie directed by Jeremiah Zaghar and produced by Adam Sandler and LeBron James And the championship of Spanish basketball player and NBA star Juancho Hernangomez. The film deals with the difficulties of success in the world of basketball. A decadent scout is determined to make a player with a somewhat shadowy past succeed in the United States.

Netflix in collaboration with Movistar Plus + carried out a redesign of the basketball court for the poet of the municipal sports facility Esteban VillegasIn Retiro, Madrid to host a presentation of the movie #HustleChallenge. At the event, street ball, a “street” way of playing basketball, closely related to hip-hop, was played, just as it does in the movie.

The stadium opening and “Garra” presentation event, featured important national and international basketball personalities such as Willy Hernangómez, Andrea Hernangómez or Amaya Valdemoro, spokesperson for the Spanish basketball team Iyi Martín and actors such as Darko Peric, among others. And with Sarah Jimenez, presenter of Movistar Plus+, as the show’s host.

At the event, Huelva-based sportswear manufacturer Besten10 actively participated in the design and production of the shirts worn by the referees of street football matches. A notable retro style design, currently known as “zebras”.

This design is inspired by the idea of ​​Lloyd Olds, who was a referee at the University of Michigan in the late 2000s.

“The referee was often wrong for the players,” Olds said.

With the help of a friend, design a T-shirt that sets them apart from the rest of the players on the field. Little by little the design has been adapted over time to bring them into other sports. Today, the black and white striped shirt is synonymous with power in a world-class stadium.

Besten10 is a sportswear manufacturer for many national and European clubs. Currently, it is the official resource for the Danish Basketball Association. The remodeling of the court was designed by Mikhaela Martín, an artist known for her interventions in public spaces with highly visual and colorful designs.

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