The youth team from America headed by Peugo Herrera today is Canada’s top scorer

While the Eagles today suffer from the birth of a top scorer, in the Canadian League there is a former American who breaks it.

Players shine with the eagle outside.
© picture 7Players shine with the eagle outside.

while the America suffer in Inaugural Championship 2022 For no striker born with all the confidence of Fernando Ortiz, he is located in the north of the American continent The player who left the core forces azulcremas and this breaks it like never before.

At the beginning of 2020, when Miguel Herrera was still coach of the Aguilas, he left the youth team. Alexandre Diazwho did not go into plans and went shopping in Pacific Football Clubsubordinate professional league Canada.

Currently, Wero Díaz, who has also passed through Atlas, Necaxa and Zacatepec, is enjoying a great moment, as he Top scorer in the competitionwith seven goals. In addition to the net-breakers, the Mexican footballer provided three assists in the 15 matches he played.

Alejandro Diaz became a pioneer, being The first Mexican footballer to play in the Canadian Premier League. Now he’s showing that quality he couldn’t in Coapa and his stats indicate it Scores per 4.6 rounds.

With these numbers, more than one fan of America is sure to want to give Wero a new chance, especially after seeing The poor performance of Federico Vinas and Henry Martinalthough the good thing is that this makes room for more youngsters from the quarry.

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