Joe Biden announced an agreement with Saudi Arabia on two strategic islands in the Red Sea

Joe Biden and Mohammed bin Salman (Reuters)

President of the United States of America , Joe BidenToday I announced an agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for that Israeli ships Can continue to enjoy freedom of navigation in the waters surrounding two strategic islands in The Red Seameaning Indirect rapprochement between Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Biden’s announcement came in statements to the press after his two-hour meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salmanand the king Salman bin Abdulaziz.

The agreement focuses on two small islands in the Red Sea, Tiran s faucetsthose who have Strategic importance Because it is located at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, and from where in the event of a conflict traffic to an important port Israel and the last of Jordan.

The United States leads a force of international observers On those islands whose mission is to monitor compliance with the peace agreements between Egypt and Israel, specifically Ensuring the right of free navigation for Israeli ships.

Today, as Biden announced, Riyadh s Washington He announced an agreement for these observers, including the US military, to leave Tiran Island by the end of the year.

Joe Biden at a press conference (Reuters/Evelyn Hochstein)
Joe Biden at a press conference (Reuters/Evelyn Hochstein)

According to the president, at the same time, Saudi Arabia has He agreed to maintain all security obligations in the area.In order for Israel to maintain freedom of navigation for its ships, as stipulated in the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty of 1979.

Until now, the problem was that There was no formula in which Riyadh would provide guarantees to Israel Because the two countries do not have diplomatic relations. The solution was for the United States to sign agreements with both parties.

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The Biden government has been negotiating for months with Israel and Saudi Arabia to bring the two countries together, its two biggest allies in the Middle East, especially now that the prospect of a deal with Iran to revive the nuclear deal appears to be fading. .

Biden spoke “openly and directly” with bin Salman about Khashoggi

A protester holds a poster of Jamal Khashoggi (Reuters/Othman Ursal)
A protester holds a poster of Jamal Khashoggi (Reuters/Othman Ursal)

Biden spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the journalist’s killing Jamal Khashoggi During their meeting, he told him what he thought in a “candid and direct” manner.

“I mentioned this at the beginning of the meeting, and I made it clear what I thought of it at the time and what I think about it now,” Biden told reporters, noting that he expressed himself “openly and directly.”

Bin Salman responded by saying he was irresponsible, according to Biden.

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