The violent video of Germán Martitegui hitting thieves in his business


So, like a guard, he comes out from behind the desk, grabs his phone and slaps it, surprising him. The guy even recognizes the partner, who was also trying to steal, and hits him again so that he can get him out of the institution.

The good man is not like that German Martitegui But upon seeing it on the networks, the chef took charge. “do not mess with me. I saidHe wrote on his Twitter account the chef and jury of the character Masterchef, which caused a sensation in the networks filled with comments.

Germán Martitegui confirmed that he went to the Martín Fierro Awards with a fever

forward Jay Mamoon who announced it infected with covid virus and then Mirtha Legrandsomething that has already said a lot about what can happen during a file delivery Martin Fierro Awards 2022 As far as infection is concerned.

But in the last few hours, amid the controversy that erupted, German Martitegui He confirmed in his networks that he was at the party with a fever that day.

“I will only say this once”says the jury Master Chef Celebrity. “The day Martin Fierro had a fever due to viral gastroenteritis, “ he added.

“Like all of us who went to MasterChef, they scanned me the day before. It was clearly worth the effort”See later, Martitegui.

“I don’t forget it anymore! Thanks Aptra”, hill. His tweet was instantly filled with important messages such as: “Okay, but you should have said that clarification before!!!!!” s “Don’t make it dark how would you go with a viral plate???”.

German Martitegui

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