Bradley Cooper, transformation in his next movie

  • B.Unrecognizable Radley Cooper in his new Netflix movie (Also directed by), Maestro, the role of Leonard Bernstein. What a transformation!
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    Netflix has released some stills of Bradley Cooper in his new Netflix movie, Maestro, which looks…nothing like it at all Bradley Cooper. The actor appears unknown after a radical transformation into composer Leonard Bernstein at different stages of their lives.

    The film follows Bernstein and his wife, Felicia Montenegro, who is played by promising young actress Carey Mulligan. In a striking image, the representative of Guardians of the Galaxy He has aged the old version of the musician with incredibly realistic prosthetics which completely conceals Cooper’s signature look.


    Production began earlier this month and the film is expected to hit the streaming platform next year. In addition to the starring role in the film, Cooper is also the director and producer having played Steven Spielberg.

    The Hangover star told Variety that he was initially interested in the movie as a director rather than as an actor. “I told [a Spielberg]: I’ve always felt like I can direct, but can I look up the material and see if I can write and direct? Will you allow me to do that? “, exposed. “Stephen has a lot of interests: he picks one thing and everything else is on hold. I think he knew I wasn’t going to be shooting this movie for a while. He was kind enough to give it to me, and that’s what I’ve been doing for four and a half years.”

    Carey Mulligan, Bradley Cooper, teacher


    Carey Mulligan, Bradley Cooper, teacher


    Cooper also admitted that his childhood dream was to become a squad leader and that he even “asked Santa for a club” for Christmas. Cooper’s debut, A Star Is Born, received eight Academy Award nominations, six Grammy Awards, and five Golden Globe nominations. The soundtrack has also sold over six million copies worldwide, and Gaga and Cooper hit #1 in the UK and US with their single “Shallow”. Cooper spent four years working on the project, learning to play guitar and piano and taking vocal lessons so he could perform all of his own music live on film.

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