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lives in United State And you need to do an action in a file Mexican Consulate? The Secretary of External Relations (SRE) changed the state institutions for 10 Consulates in the country.

The aim of the amendment is to provide more Mexicans abroad and improve the quality of services.

The SRE It also seeks to increase the availability and availability of appointments and to prevent Mexicans from traveling long distances for an operation.

Mexico greater than 50 Consulates in the United States To support passport procedures, consular registration, voter accreditation, and documentation procedures for citizens.

In addition, you can provide Attendees In the event of arrest or detention in hospital, as well as support Mexicans Abroad access to legal representation.

The Consulates Supports both Mexicans Those who reside abroad, as well as citizens who are temporarily outside the country for work, tourism or other reasons.

These are the changes in the consulates

Consulate in Boston: Now it will serve all the people who live in Connecticut who used to go to New York.

Consulate in Chicago: It will serve all Illinois counties.

Consulate in Las Vegas: Residents of Elko County, Nevada, who previously had to go to Boise, will be able to attend.

Consulate in Miami: It will serve Hardy, De Soto, Highlands, Manatee and Sarasota counties in Florida.

County in Albuquerque: It will serve all 38 counties in North Texas.

yes do you live In any of these areas, remember that the change of constituency is immediate and any procedure must be carried out at the new consulate that corresponds with you.

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