The United States is the ‘home’ of Mexican footballers abroad

According to CIES, MLS is the league that receives the most players from Mexico, while Liga MX has become the home of Colombians and Chileans.

The Ml Established herself as foreign league Where more Mexican footballers play. The US-Canada competition has succeeded in “seducing” important stars of Aztec football, such as Carlos Vela and Chicharito Hernandez, and Hector Herrera, the current Atletico Madrid midfielder, will join this list soon.

According to an annual study of CIES Football ObservatoryMajor League Soccer has become the favorite of Mexican players and there are currently 25 Aztec players in the United States Ml. Apart from Villa and Chicharito Hernandez, footballers like Alan Pulido, Carlos Salcedo and Javier Lopez are other personalities who have decided to immigrate to the United States for football.

under league Guatemala and Costa Rica are the other leagues that have more Mexicans in their ranks. In the Guatemalan National Association 14 active players and Premier League Tika plays 10 Aztec Elements.

For its part, the MX . League It became the home of many South American players, Mainly Colombian and Chilean footballers. at Mexico 38 coffee personals are active, being the foreign league where there are more Colombian players above the leagues in Peru, Argentina and the United States. Regarding the Chilean elements, the MX . League He brags about 16 Andes and no one else foreign league He has more players from Chile.

In the MX . League It also highlights the number of soccer players from Uruguay and Ecuador, in fact, Mexico It also stands out for being the league that receives the largest number of Ecuadoreans, with 15 players. About the Chara Elements, Mexico is the second league With more Uruguayans among its ranks, a total of 38 footballers.

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Brazil is the country that exports the most players to foreign leagues, ahead of France and Argentina. A total of 1,219 Brazilian footballers play abroad, compared to 978 French and 815 Argentines. Argentina (815), England (525), Germany (441), Colombia (425) and Spain (409) are followed by this list.

While the number of Brazilians and Argentines abroad has seen a slight increase from 2017 to date by 4 and 6 percent, respectively, the number of French has increased significantly by 27 percent.

The English rose by 25 percent, the Germans by 31 percent, the Colombians by 41, and the Spaniards by 14. The 86 percent increase is seen in Venezuelans or 81 percent of Ecuadoreans.

The main destination of Brazilian expats is Portugal, the destination of Argentines is Chile, the destination of the French is Luxembourg, the destination of English is Scotland, the German destination is Turkey, and the Spaniards are England.

Information from the EFE was used in writing this note.

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