China has displaced the United States as the country’s main importer during 2022

China is now the main importer of products to Colombia, the National Administrative Statistics Service (Dane) revealed in its latest February report. In the first two months of the year, the share of the Asian country was 28.4% in terms of value of imports; followed by the United States with 22.8%, and Brazil (5.6%); Mexico (4.7%), France (3.9%), Germany (3.2%) and India (2.1%).

In January-February 2022, the countries of origin that contributed mainly to the increase in Colombian imports were: China (76.3%) and the United States (37.7%), with a combined contribution of 28.5 percentage points, while imports from Trinidad and Tobago (-39.1%) ) contributed a negative 0.2 percentage point,” Dunn emphasized.

The entity also estimates that products arriving from the Asian country have increased if February of the past three years is compared. In this way, in the epidemic year, imports from China reached 21.6% in value terms, while the United States continued to lead with 26.5%.

However, in the past year, China positioned itself in the lead with a slight advantage, taking 24.8% of the value of products that reached Colombia. For the second month of this year, the participation rate was 27.7%, while the percentage for the United States was 22%.

“In January-February 2022, compared to the same period in 2020, the increase in foreign purchases originating in China was mainly explained by the rise in imports of (laptop) computers (80.9%),” the Dane emphasized on the main products arriving from China.

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