The United States announced its intention to rejoin UNESCO in July

In a letter to the Director-General, the US State Department applauded the way UNESCO has taken on new challenges in recent years, modernizing its management and easing political tensions.

Elected UNESCO president in November 2017, Audrey Azoulay has led mediations to ease political tensions and create consensus on the most sensitive issues, such as the Middle East.

In addition, new initiatives were implemented that allowed UNESCO to fully understand contemporary challenges – such as the ethics of artificial intelligence or the protection of the oceans – while new symbolic campaigns were carried out on the ground – such as the reconstruction of the ancient city. Mosul in Iraq – allowed the organization to reconnect with its historic ambitions. Finally, the administrative reforms implemented since 2018 have made UNESCO more efficient and financially sound.

The announced return of the United States is possible thanks to the agreement reached in Congress in December 2022 that allows for financial contributions to UNESCO. In fact, the United States suspended its contribution in 2011 due to its national legislation, and then notified its decision to legally withdraw from the organization on October 12, 2017.

The proposed plan must now be submitted to the General Conference of UNESCO Member States for approval; Some of them have called for an extraordinary session to be held at short notice to make a decision.

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