The UK is considering amending the international travel system, but Argentina will remain limited

Boris Johnson’s government could announce important changes to international travel rules in the next few hours

Boris Johnson’s government could announce important changes to international travel rules in the next few hours, Which would allow Latin American countries to stop being in the red zone or spreading the virus.

The news was given by the British Minister of Transport, Grant Shapps and Infobae in London can confirm, Seeks “Simplify admissions, reduce costs, benefit from high levels of vaccination” while maintaining health security against the COVID-9 pandemic.

With a very restrictive regime, which is currently contemplating imposing harsh quarantines on countries where COVID-19 is most prevalent, Some reports have said that the green and amber lists will be merged into the low-risk country category and the number of places on the red list will be reduced.

Changes that could be announced on Friday would allow many countries to lose their red rankings: Argentina, Bangladesh, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Turkey will be among the countries benefiting.

In this way, the rules regarding travel are expected to be in the red list, which is paid for 11 nights in quarantine at a cost of about 3000 dollars per person, They remain the same, although for a very small number of countries considered within this category.

Environment Minister George Eustice told the British press that no decisions have been made yet, but he understands that “There may be a meeting today to review those travel restrictions.”

If the changes are confirmed, and a traffic light between low and high risk countries is also implemented It is suggested that those who have been fully vaccinated will no longer need to have a lateral flow test before departure and a PCR test after arrival.

Although the AstraZeneca injection was developed in the UK, only the injection known as recombinant ChAdOx1-S is recognized by health authorities.
Although the AstraZeneca injection was developed in the UK, only the injection known as recombinant ChAdOx1-S is recognized by health authorities.

however, The UK Medicines Regulatory Authorities (MHRA) are not planning to make modifications to currently approved vaccines. This means that people with complete guidelines will only be those with formulas authorized by the US regulator (FDA) or European Agency (EMA), and travelers who will avoid quarantine after entering the country.

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For countries like Argentina, this means that people with a two-dose regimen of Sputnik V, AstraZeneca CoviShield, or Sinopharm will not be recognized by Disapproval of these products. Likewise, and as is currently happening to enter through Spain, There are no ads for those who received combined regimens, even if the second dose was a green-lit product from the US or Europe.

While AstraZeneca injections were developed in the UK, under research from Oxford University, Health authorities only recognize a certain number of batches of the product manufactured by Serum Institute India, located in Pune. The general approval was for AstraZeneca Oxford known as the recombinant ChAdOx1-S, thus excluding the CoviShield class.

To get out of the red zone, almost all Latin American countries are making strong efforts against the government of Boris Johnson. Infobae, Who confirms the changes? In particular, given that the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP26), organized by the United Kingdom in Glasgow, will take place in October, if the category is not changed, “the delegations of these countries should carry out mandatory quarantine, in previewing one of the most important events world this year.

however, Several questions remain about how the traffic light system will be. Currently, travelers who have not received a double prick must undergo a PCR test and do not need to self-isolate after arriving from a green-listed country. What is unknown is what will happen with the new class of countries “suitable” for landing on British soil: if the criteria are standardized with other countries previously considered amber (which need full proof) or what will happen with those leaving the red zone.

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So far, the government has only confirmed the merger and has reduced the number of countries on the red list. But for non-vaccinated travelers, there are reports that measures can be tightened, with even those from low-risk countries having to self-quarantine at home and undergo two tests upon return.

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