Canada is the largest underground lake in the world

The construction of the geothermal lake is expected to begin in March of next year in Charlevoix.

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company GeoLagonHeadquartered in Quebec, it has revealed its plans to build subterranean lake The largest in the world is in Charlevoix, Canada.

The project will cover 12,000 square meters and will include hundreds of chalets to create a fully self-sufficient “village”. Akonovia, a Canadian company that specializes in sustainable energy, has conducted a study that proves this.

It will feature a patent-pending thermal tank heating system that will keep water at 39°C year-round, providing protection from area temperatures that dip below freezing in winter.

A large thermal reservoir will be located below the base of the lake, fed by an active ecosystem consisting of geothermal technologiesbiomass, photovoltaic and solar heating.

The Optical cladding From the chalets it absorbs solar energy to help run the heat pumps. With various technologies, such as sewage heat recovery, the community may also eventually become an energy generator.

About the chalets, they will be for sale or rent to tourists. Visitors will have access to art galleries, ski resorts, golf facilities, restaurants, and whale watching experiences.

It is worth noting that the project is divided into three parts, The first is the construction of 150 chalets, followed by the lagoon as a second phase, and finally another 150 housing units.

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