The staff of the Faculty of Medicine urgently demanded a salary increase due to the salary delay

Professionals and staff of the National Academy of Medicine (ANM) today demanded an urgent salary reset and asserted that their income remains more than 80 percent behind, because so far “only a 16 percent improvement was made last January from Guideline 2022, corresponding to the first tranche.

A document from the staff of ANM and its institutes (Iihema and IIE) denounced the “difficult salary situation that the employees are going through and which has been exacerbated during the coronavirus epidemic and post-pandemic,” and confirmed that despite the items sent by the Ministry of Health, “parity ratios are not automatically updated.”

The salaries of ANM employees are paid from the funds sent by the health portfolio, in accordance with Executive Authority Decree 57/17, and since the improvements are not updated automatically, they become effective on average 8 months after the signing of the agreement. .

The workers added that after reallocating 16 percent to the first tranche of the 2022 salary guide, there is still another 97 percent to be incorporated into the basic salaries.

They emphasized that “ANM employees are going through an economic emergency, as they ask the health portfolio to abide by Decree 57/17 and update the academy’s budget according to draws and in a timely manner.”

At that time, this decree transferred the ANM from the scope of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation to the portfolio of health “with its powers, subsidiaries and assets constituting its inheritance and staff, maintaining their journal statuses, conditions for providing employment and tax exemptions.”

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