The five brutality records that a Super Mario movie has broken at the box office

The Super Mario movie has been breaking records since hitting theaters, from fan opinion to overtaking the superhero blockbuster genre at the box office in 2023. Produced by Nintendo and Illumination, the movie is here to give it more spice in its latest big-screen video game adaptation. big.

This is expected to be a breakthrough within the properties that Nintendo had under its belt, and everything seems to be going according to the expectations of the creators. But it’s time to delve into the depths of the mushroom planet and see what brutal records Super Mario has broken in its short stay on the big screen.

What records has the Super Mario movie broken at the box office so far?

1. Highest opening weekend gross in 2023

Well, let’s start with the premiere, because in its initial estimates a figure of almost $220 million was expected in its first weekend, the truth was that it managed to collect $204 million worldwide in its first days of release. And we’re still only at the beginning of their records, because we have more to go.

In the US alone, it’s bested by Marvel’s latest Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which grossed just $106.9 million in its opening weekend. That’s not bad, earning the lowest score from MCU review sites, however, the Italian brothers’ movie Mario and Luigi doubled those gains.

It is expected that neither Guardians of the Galaxy 3 nor The Marvels will headline this grand opening by Super Mario.

2. The largest lighting opening in its entire history

The truth is, it also left a few animated releases from its studio on the floor, as neither the My Favorite Villain trilogy nor the Secret Life of My Pets duet could beat their first weekend.

After a few days in theaters, it managed to raise the number to 375 million, which made it the biggest hit in the entire history of films from the animation studio Illumination.

3. Record for the highest opening weekend gross for a video game movie

Everything points to Super Mario being the most successful movie to date based on video games in history, surpassing gamers’ critically acclaimed movie, Sonic The Hedgehog. The blue hedgehog did very well with its sequel, grossing around $72 million in its opening weekend, while Super Mario Bros. grossed three times as much as a film in this genre.

Oddly enough, the poor public reaction to a movie or series of video games occurred in 1993 with the first live-action Mario video game adaptation. This has changed in recent years due to hits like Sonic or the latest HBO series, The Last of Us.

Where do you watch the Super Mario Bros movie online?

4. Register on the first day of its opening

It took the film 14 years to break another box office record in its early days in theatres. For this we have to go back to 2009, when a movie directed by Michael Bay got the feature in the United States.

We are talking about the second part of Transformers called: Revenge of the Fallen, which has collected about 200 million dollars. Which makes it clear that the Super Mario movie attracts the audience despite the bad reviews it may have.

5. Highest-grossing opening for an animated film

This new take on the popular video game is, little by little, becoming a huge nightmare for Disney. That’s all because the last animated movie to break records in its opening weekend was Incredibles 2, which brought in $182 million in its opening weekend.

And it could still outpace Frozen and its sequel, everything will depend on how many movies have dropped over the days and weeks since they were released in cinemas. Additionally, it should be noted that companies like Pixar or DreamWorks have a budget close to $200 million, while Illumination spent close to $70 million on the Mario movie.

Anyway, it looks like we are facing our first big hit in 2023, there is a high probability that it will hit 1000 million at the box office and become a blockbuster for an animated movie. And you, What do you think of the Super Mario movie?

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