The second science fair, We Do Science, will be held in Santa Fe

the Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation (Sectei) to organize science fairIt is an event aimed at highlighting the scientific and technological procedures, tools, and invitations that are being implemented in the province. The activity will take place, with free admission, on Thursday, June 29, from 5 to 9 pm, at El Molino Fábrica Cultural, 2350 Pellegrini Boulevard, in the capital.

In this regard, the Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation, Marina PimaHe explained, “In this second edition of the exhibition, we invite everyone to participate in a day in which touching and not asking are prohibited.” He explained that it is very important to show all the knowledge that is being developed in our institutes, in our universities, so that boys and girls, adolescents and all people who are interested in knowing what is going on in the province can participate.

“It’s going to be an intense day We will have fun and take part in fun and entertaining activities. Just as the province’s investment in scientific and technological fields and support for the industrial sector was unprecedented, we have also shown during these three and a half years what we are doing in the province, in various exhibitions, in various activities, which allows us to expose our potential to society and position ourselves nationally and internationally. Baima added that on this day there will be lectures, scientific teachers and experiments, and it will be possible to visualize what our research centers produce, make observations and look into space.

Finally, the official pointed out, “This The regional agenda, which is characterized by innovation and knowledgeis the agenda that we set with Minister Daniel Costamna, with Governor Omar Beiruti and with each of the regional actors, to consolidate what was there and create new opportunities in places where there was no room for science and technology.

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“In this exhibition we are going too Find our network of science and technology clubs, which is a great tool for awakening the scientific vocation throughout the region. It is this agenda that we want to continue building in the province, leaving proven capabilities, in which we have made the decision to invest, generate strategies and consolidate an innovation ecosystem, concluded Bima.

Activities schedule

The exhibition proposes a Activities schedule for all ages Consisting of workshops to learn about robotics and 3D printing; Science club fairs. a CODE space for astronomy where you can observe the universe and another to become a biodiversity explorer; interviewing female scientists and young entrepreneurs; tracts related to physics and chemistry; And a final conversation by publisher, science communicator, and researcher Fabricio Ballarini.

In the institutional space there will be Training space for the VICYTEP network Where all of the Sectei’s procedures will be known and the various Open Calls for the Santa Fe Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (ASaCTeI) will be announced.

There will be too Spaces related to chemistry and physics So that the participants can carry out self-experiments under the guidance of teachers and researchers from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. There will also be space for the National Technological University – Santa Fe Regional College with workshops on robotics, 3D printing, and environmental care; And another from the governorate’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. In addition, you can enjoy “Exploring Native Mammals”, a show by the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHUC) at UNL and the Museum of Natural Sciences “Florentino Ameghino”; Awards will be presented to recipients of the City of Santa Fe Knowledge Grants.

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In the “Experiences” section You will be able to enjoy talks about artificial intelligence, CODE mobile space to learn all about astronomy, network of science and technology clubs and their references. There will also be a biodiversity space run by the Paraná River Children’s Aquarium, which together with the Research and Development Center for Medical Cannabis, Aquaculture and Agroecology (CIDCAM) will show how research into ecological agroproducts can be involved.

Meanwhile, on the main stage, where the opening of the science festival will take place with the district authorities, you can have fun Women for the WorldIt is a meeting space for women from Santa Fe who have international exchange experiences; In addition to the free educational ticket suite.

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