The Ministry of Science and Technology signed an agreement with the Secretariat for Women, Diversity and Equality

The aim is to provide data from the San Luis Regional Statistics and Census Bureau in order to develop public policies applicable to women and dissidents.

With the aim of working together to learn more about the social status of women and dissent, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Secretary of State for Women, Diversity and Equality signed an agreement Preparing provincial statistics. The event was attended by Minister of Technology Portfolio and Dean of the University of La Punta (ULP), Alicia Banuelos, Head of the Women’s Secretariat, Aileen Mazina, and Regional Director for Statistics and Census, Nestor Arellano.

Banuelos highlighted the importance of this signature, as it allows for prioritization. “This is always useful in any arrangement and activity. In the special case of the General Secretariat for Women’s Affairs, it will work to deal with issues related to various problems and for these specific surveys are required.He stressed that the Directorate of Statistics and Census in the governorate has trained its technicians to do this with high quality.

Likewise, stress that in surveys there are some guidelines that must be respected, such as Statistical secretEspecially when the data being shared belongs to the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC). “In this case, the same rules applied by the regional directorate must be fulfilled,” he said.

For her part, the head of the Women’s Secretariat, Aileen Mazina, held this meeting. “This signing of the agreement talks about the inter-ministerial formulation and the way to mainstream a gender perspective Which is something we’ve been fighting for a long time, all of us.”

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“We are working with Statistics and Census and the Ministry of Science and Technology to put an agreement on paper today that will allow us to… They have numbers and think about the different public policies regarding women and dissent in our countyas well as reflecting on the various data from the public administration,” he said.

Carla Golberg, in charge of the Women’s Secretariat’s Social Organization for Social Care and Time subprogramme, commented: “The signing of the agreement is important because we need to put in place public policies and provide solutions to the demands that arise around unpaid care work, which has been a double burden on women” , said the official, who added that this preliminary data comes from the National Survey of Unpaid Work and Time Use conducted by Indyk last year.

“We have to work with the data from the region, given that we can work with them on how to provide a solution for care that is of equal quality and rights for all people. Above all, make cultural and social change so that it is just and works towards shared responsibility at home.”

Note and photos: ULP Press.

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