Five new skyscrapers resemble science fiction

Le Corbusier believed that the most efficient city possible should consist of skyscraper complexes with large green spaces where cars spread on elevated tracks leaving the land to people. Call it The Radiant City Although there are many votes today He rejected this idea Skyscrapers are almost sustainable, are still being built at a good pace and some are geared to be symbols of the cities of the future.

Here is a small selection:

C tower in Shenzhen, China

Torre C. (ZHA)

This wonderful building was designed by the famous studio Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) It will be 400 meters high and will be one of the main parts of the headquarters base of Shenzhen Bay – the expected new financial center in southern China that will serve Greater Guangdong Bay Area, It is a region that also includes Hong Kong, Macao and that It is expected that the number of employees in it will reach 300 thousand employees per day.

Base Tower C (ZHA)

According to ZHA, The building was designed based on special 3D modeling techniques That helped them improve the efficiency of the structure, orientation and size of the façade. This allows them to create a column-free space flooded with natural light that, regardless of offices, will house a hotel, shopping areas, restaurants, conference halls, or art galleries.

Tower C seen from below (ZHA)

Engineers claim that The towers will be covered with double insulating glass curtain In the form of vertical channels provide the building with ventilation and help control the temperature more efficiently. It will also contain a water collection and recycling system in addition to photovoltaic panels to collect solar energy. At the base of the building, where the two towers are connected, there will be a series of curved terraces with green spaces that will be combined into a public space with large bicycle racks and charging stations.

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New project by Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)

Zaha Hadid Architects’ project was the winner of the C-tower construction competition. There is still no official date for its construction, but seeing the massive investment in the Shenzhen Bay HQ base might not take long.

Limestone project in Toronto, Canada

Jerry’s Skyscraper in Toronto (Frank Gehry)

this project Frank Gehry Known Canadian architect designing the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao wants it to be A new icon for Toronto With two towers of 81 and 91 floors with a height of 268 and 298 meters respectively. In the words of the architect himself, “I wanted to create a group of buildings that respected the city and this was a nod to the Toronto I knew before.”

The Jerry de Noche project (Frank Gehry)

According to the site that specializes in architecture Seas, The building will house a hotel in one tower, an art gallery and OCAD campus in the other. The facade of the skyscraper will be made of textured metal and glass. Gehry hopes that the building “reflects the light and color of the city and the surrounding sky. Ultimately, this should be a Toronto building and hopefully the pride of the city.”

Top Detail (Frank Gehry)

The skyscraper project went through many builders. Its construction was approved in 2014, but in 2017 it was acquired by the Great Gulf Company and there is still no specific date for its construction.

Uptown Tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Uptown Tower (Smithgill)

The creators of Burj Khalifa, Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill, They are also responsible for this skyscraper, which is already under construction, which will consist of 78 floors and a height of 339 meters. According to its builders, The Uptown Tower will be the flagship of the city’s new luxury district, which will feature an exclusive hotel, restaurants, offices, stores and homes. Builders expect it to be ready by 2022.

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Uptown Tower de Dubai (Smithgill)

Round triangle, in Paris

La Tour Triangle (Herzog

The Tour Triangle will be the tallest building in Paris since 1973 and the third tallest in the city behind the Eiffel Tower and Montparnasse Tower. Designed by the Swiss architecture studio Herzog & de Meuron, also responsible for Beijing Olympic Stadium, the building will have 42 floors and a height of 180 meters.

La Tour Triangle in (Herzog & de Meuron)

Located in the Port of Versailles, its shape takes into account the influence such a large building has on its surroundings. For Herzog and de Meuron, its “triangular shape reduces the projection of shadows on the surrounding buildings”. In addition, its creators hope that the triangle will become one of the most popular silhouettes of the “horizon line” that will change its shape depending on the perspective from which it is being observed.

Glimpse of the Round Triangle (Herzog and de Meuron)

According to Dzen, the building will contain a 120-room hotel, a 5,000-person coworking space, and a day and medical care center. Its completion date has changed due to issues with the City Council but if there are no more accidents, it is expected to be completed in 2024.

Chengdu Greenland tower, in China

Chengdu Greenland Tower (Smithgill)

Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill are also responsible for this 468-meter skyscraper whose design was inspired by the snow-capped mountains of Chengdu. According to the Architecture website Skyscraper center, Its glass façade is arranged in such a way that it reflects the light of heaven and earth. In addition, this structure is ideal to withstand the frequent earthquakes plaguing the region.

Chengdu Greenland Tower (Smithgill)

The main tower is accompanied by two other towers of 173 and 166 meters and will house a luxury hotel and various office areas. Construction is in full swing and is due to be completed sometime next year, and when that happens it will be the tallest building in southeast China.

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