The return of RoboCop! The creators of Terminator Resistance are working on a video game loyal to a cyborg cop

RoboCop: Rogue City presents its first trailer with the promise of respecting the DNA of the classic sci-fi series.

Nakon Games Confirmed this afternoon RoboCop: Rogue City, a new action video game based on the legendary cyborg detective story. It will arrive in PC and console stores on a yet to be determined date in 2023, and is being developed by Teyon Games, famous for Terminator resistanceIn association with MGM, the production company that holds the rights to the film’s character.

Nacon and Teyon will work with MGM to develop an authentic RoboCop gaming experience True to DNA Excellence, while immersing players in an original story where they can put themselves in the shoes of RoboCop itself,” the company details in a press release where few details are given about its approach, other than that it’s just an adaptation.

Rogue City encourages us to become a RoboCop to do justice to Old DetroitHowever, given who’s behind it and the feature-directed premise of Paul Verhoeven, we’re expected to see a title shoot. In fact, in the video description, players are encouraged to become so Half legendary man, half machine hero, while trying to administer justice in The dangerous and crime-ridden streets of Old Detroit And it turns out he’s still a policeman after all.

Given that its release is still two years away, let’s not expect that there will be new developments about the video game in the coming months that will allow us to learn more about the gameplay premise of the title. In the meantime, players can check out our Terminator Resistance review and see what those responsible for it can do. on the other side, RoboCop is also doing justice to Mortal Kombat 11.

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