The PharmaMar Foundation was created to promote and disseminate science and research

the Pharmar Foundation Born out of commitment Pharmar Group (MSE: PHM) with knowledge and research. The purpose of this entity is to promote scientific progress, encourage research and medicine, disseminate knowledge, and protect marine biodiversity.

the Pharmar Foundation Started its activity today, in collaboration with the National Association of Health Reporters (ANIS), for the scientific training on cancer aimed at journalists presented by Dr. Alberto Muñoz, Professor of Research at the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) of the Madrid Institute for Biomedical Research (IIBM), one of the most specialized in Renowned cancer field in the state and head of the HM Hospitals Research Foundation.

PharmaMar Foundation is headed by Mr. Jose Maria Fernandez Sousa-Farowho expressed the “great enthusiasm assumed by the establishment of this institution” and added that “our goal is to improve the quality of life of people through scholarly publication projects, scientific research, recognition of distinguished researchers and support for other training initiatives.

In addition to the president, the Pharmar Foundation It has a Board of Trustees consisting of 10 members who serve as the main governing body.

  • Jose Maria Fernandez Souza FaroChairman of the Board of Directors of PharmaMar and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the PharmaMar Corporation
  • Luis Anjunes SanchezHead of the Coronavirus Laboratory – National Center for Biotechnology
  • Jesus Avila de Grado, Neuroscience Researcher – CSIC
  • Javier Martin ProtoOncology – Medical Research Institute – Jimenez Diaz Foundation
  • Emiliano Calvo Aller, Director of the Clara Campbell Comprehensive Cancer Center (START MADRID)
  • Sebastian Cuenca MirandaDirector of PharmaMar Legal Strategy and Secretary to the Board of Directors of the PharmaMar Corporation
  • Elisa Borrego GarciaPharmaMar, Director of Public Affairs
  • Carmen Cuevas MarchantPharmaMar, Director of Research and Development
  • Marian Garcia GonzalezDirector of Marketing and Sales in Spain PharmaMar
  • Mi Luisa de Francia CaballeroPharmaMar, Chief Financial Officer
  • Lara Vadillo MunozPharmaMar Communications Director
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Pharma Mar Foundation’s activity plan for 2023 includes the following initiatives:

Research and scholarships

  • Awarded two scholarships to r-5 residents in small cell lung cancer and researchers in phase I clinical trials.
  • Support the MaNaPro conference, the main scientific conference on natural products of marine origin, which will take place in the first week of September in Granada.
  • Studies and support research initiatives in the field of Real World Data (RWD).


  • Organizing a series of conferences with the participation of speakers of recognized international standing.
  • Post educational videos about various diseases to facilitate their knowledge to the general public.
  • Publication of a glossary of oncology terms.

an exercise

  • Support for the creation of a specialization in sarcoma for hospital pharmacy at the University of Alcala.
  • Application care for eScarcomas of Gregorio Marañón Hospital


  • Announcing the Foundation’s annual awards, which in its first announcement include four categories: track awards in basic and clinical research; Best Hospital COVID Patient Assistance Award and Best Clinical Case Award.

For more information about the Foundation and to update or monitor its activities and calls, the Foundation’s website is available at and of course on social networks through

The PharmaMar Foundation’s mission is to promote the development of science, scientific research and medicine, as well as to contribute to knowledge and to the defense of marine biodiversity.

In the field of training, we consider it particularly important that the community be aware of the most important developments in the field of research and health. For this purpose, the PharmaMar Foundation has many initiatives that will be developed during the year 2023, such as our cycle of scientific conferences and we cooperate with various institutions and organizations to disseminate specialized information and knowledge in the field of health and science.

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