video. Scandal in medicine: shoves, pineapples and kicks while cutting on 60 . Street

It couldn’t be otherwise. The hectic week of UNU School of Medicine culminated in yet another uproar over a scandal that erupted as a group of students staged a demonstration on 60th Street as part of a huge potchaoise.

Apparently, students from the Unite and Viento de Abajo groups were demonstrating in the street in front of the medical building, and there was an argument with a motorist in which there were shouts, pushing, punches and kicks.

At the same time, the group that runs the student center – Remediar – held a gathering inside the building.

As this newspaper has been running all this week, it has been a busy week for students in perpetual mobilization due to the Buchauss, first in the C chair of Anatomy and later in Infectious Diseases, as well as in Obstetrics.

With delays ranging between 80 and 90% (and affecting more than a thousand failed students), claims point to the deanship due to delays that, two years after the pandemic, have continued in resuming full attendance.

As of June 2022, most courses were virtual and in this students find one cause of academic failure that the college has not formally ruled.

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