The pediatrician from Mendoza emigrated to Chile and said he was enjoying medicine again

In Chile, I enjoyed medicine again.He affirmed and confirmed that he would not return to work in Argentina, not only because of an economic problem, but because he feels that doctors in Chile are valued, taken into account and, fundamentally, taken care of. A condition he never felt when he belonged to our health system.

Andres Brenna trained with nurses. jpg

Andres Brenna during a training with nurses.

Courtesy of Andres Brenna

In the midst of a crisis as serious as the one we are experiencing in Mendoza due to the lack of general pediatricians trained in the various pediatric specialties, Radio Nihuil spoke with Prina who explained what is happening to doctors, because they are increasingly those who leave the country.

A complete change of life

Andres Brenna explained that his decision was related to a change he wanted to make in his lifestyle, and that it mainly involved adjusting the way he worked.

He said that in Mendoza, he had 6 jobs to be able to make ends meet for himself and his family and that this does not happen to him in Chile, where he only has one shift in public health and one in the private sector.

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In this sense, he said, the guards in Chile are 12, not 24 hours, as is the case in Argentina.

Among other positive aspects, Brenna confirmed that while she was in Mendoza, she took two years to fill her position: at first she worked in black and paid for benefits. In Chile, on the other hand, it took two days to stabilize a job.

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“I arrived on May 1, on May 2 I submitted the papers, and on May 3 I signed my final contract, which in Chile is equivalent to one position.”

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Pediatrician Andres Brenna at Noti Hospital

Pediatrician Andres Brenna at Noti Hospital

In addition, he stated that in Mendoza, he was working in a surrounding hospital, where they did not just hospitalize. They also showed up at the doctor’s office and took charge of studies that were done during the baby’s first 24 hours, even though they weren’t neonatologists.

in Chileon the other hand, this does not happen to him, because There is a professional for every task.

He also emphasized that They care about their quality of life.

“I reached the peak of their respiratory illness. I was on duty – they call the watchman on duty – and I had to do 12 admissions. The head of the service reached out to the managers, noticed that I was tired and gave me a booster. Since that time, we have become pediatricians.

He stressed that the opposite is happening in Argentina.

“On a quiet watch we saw between 60 and 70 children, and there was no containment.”

When asked if he would return to live in the country, he said his intention was different.

“I don’t think I will ever work in Mendoza again. I am looking for quality of life. Despite the fact that I was a doctor, I signed to protect people’s health. But I am also a husband. I am a father and I am a son. I want to have fun with my family. Time is the only thing I have.” you can’t buy it

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Debunking salary myths

about him How much does a pediatrician charge in the Chilean health system?And The doctor refuted the notion that any professional earns $1,000 per call.

“That’s not the case. A general practitioner charges $500 to $600, while a specialist might charge another $200. Critical specialties alone pay $1,000.”

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He told the doctor to win 20 thousand dollars a month, he has to work in the “Argentine situation”That is, moving from one job to another without rest and that this is not his intention.

Andres Brenna Pediatrician 2.jpg

Brenna with her colleagues from training in Pediatrics

Brenna with her colleagues from training in Pediatrics

Salary is an important point, but Brenna stressed the treatment of health professionals, one of the positions that affected her the most in the province.

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