La Nación / Expo Round of Business 2023 intends to go beyond the deals completed last year

Board of Directors of the Federation of Rural Associations in the enlarged Mercosur (The Farm), which met within the framework of Expo 2023 of Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay, took the opportunity to set an action agenda in order to address the state of the productive sector in each Member State.particularly in relation to animal health, trade, and new challenges and opportunities.

On this point, Member States It ratified the regional status of the agricultural sector, which has the distinction of being a great producer and exporter of food to the world, and has also been defended in many international forums.With the strong presence of Paraguay’s Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Ing. Agr. Moisés Santiago Bertoni Hicar, who can interact with peers from Mercosur and Latin America.

The statement was shared by the Paraguayan Rural Association (ARP), which included the topics discussed, such as Great productive career of the region in the face of the growing demand for food in the world, and its importance to the food security and well-being of its populationas well as that agriculture is not the problem, but part of the solution to environmental concerns.

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FARM urged a balanced vision in order to maintain a balance between greenhouse gas (GHG) generation and carbon sequestration. Photo: Nestor Soto

They also discussed Decisions to be based on science rather than on precautionary principles, urging a balanced vision in order to maintain a balance between greenhouse gas (GHG) generation and carbon sequestration. This is bearing in mind that many publications only address one aspect of the equation, namely the generation of greenhouse gases only and do not expand the entire scope.

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At the same time, they discussed the need to strengthen and improve communication so that the best way to express that agricultural production is environmentally responsible and friendly can be found.

That’s why They indicated that joint work with the countries of the region is imperative, in addition to presenting a unified position regarding the threats and challenges that must be confronted. To avoid decisions or decisions taken by some countries or blocs becoming quasi-tariff barriers.

And also, too Joint work between the public and private sectors to enhance the sector. During the meeting they also seized the opportunity Send reports on meetings attended by farm representatives And They presented the Mercosur prize to the top cow of the show’s most popular breed, which in this case was the Brangos.

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