The Museum of Science and Water is put under the microscope of José Lustão

Murcia. The Museum of Science and Water is hosting the exhibition these days in the Water Hall Laboratory collection of the Jose Lustão Museumthe exhibition consists of funds from the Faculty of Biology of the University of Murcia and which contains a series of distinguished pieces within the Jose Lustão Museum of the Faculty of Biology, specifically from the laboratory in which he was professor and head. José Lustão and Gomez de la Memberlera.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Secretary of the College of Biology, A. Francisco GuardiolaAnd members of the Board of Trustees of the Lustau Museum, Manuel Ramon Garcia Gary And manuel Acosta Echeverría, Together with the exhibition space manager, Marta Lopez Briones.

In addition, all visitors will be able to enjoy the distinguished professor's essential tools such as his microscope, his preparation box, and large-scale French dishes such as carrot, poppy, strawberry and flower upholstery, as well as an explanation of flowers, stems and plants. Property.

Likewise, you can find four newspaper copies from that time referring to José Lustão and his research works published in the newspapers El Liberal, ABC and Levante Agrario.

50,000 visitors annually

The Municipal Science and Water Museum is one of the most prestigious scientific museums in the country. It is always at the forefront and in continuous cooperation with private entities. It receives more than 50,000 visitors annually.

During this month, the Science and Water Museum is also hosting the exhibition Polyphonic water orchestraIn addition to the permanent collection consisting of minerals, rocks, beetles, butterflies, fossils and mollusk shells.

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This cultural space dedicated to scientific publishing also contains interactive spaces, aquariums and terrariums. Without a doubt, the big news is the revamped 'DiscoverH2O Room' where little ones can go and enjoy games specially designed for them with their families.

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