The pastor asks to trust the science and urges giving credit to vaccines

assumption. The Catholic priest, Javier Pistelli, Bishop of Encarnación, fired against the anti-vaccine campaigns and asked citizens to trust medical science to confront Covid.

“The only thing I can say is that I will receive the vaccination when it is my turn, I have to be in the last group, but I will get the vaccination. It is what was found at the level of human knowledge to increase immunity. There may be events related to each other, but vaccines have saved lives.” Besteli told Telefotoro “They are preparing the body to respond better to and respond to disease.”

The religious affirmed that faith goes hand in hand with knowledge, and in this context we must trust the actions that doctors take to save lives and alleviate human suffering.

He said, “It is very important to see that the work that doctors are doing is already getting the support of scientists and that you have to trust their work, as they apply it as measures.”

“It all hits a lot, people are so sad. We all need to get together and remember what we have to do. We can be part of the solution. He meant that we would avoid having to go to hospitals.”

The health system is collapsing, Pestelli said, so personal care measures are essential to halt the progression of the epidemic.

He concluded by saying: “The biggest concern is seeing our hospitals full, and our staff at their maximum capacity.”



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