The overwhelming message from Ibai Llanos about the money he makes on Twitch

ebay janus, one of the most famous live broadcast operators in the world, which appeared Affected by the massive Twitch hack, took advantage of this moment to have a loyal moment with his millions of followers as a result of Your income leaks and other colleagues, such as AuronPlay or ElRubius.

Although the Basque streamer took the truth with enough humor and emphasized in Twitter What hurts him most about this hack is that he will have to change his password, among the data leaked by cybercriminals. $2.31 million disclosed Which he has collected for his work on the platform since 2019.

But not everything on eBay is ridiculous. Not much less. The popular creator has been revealed in recent months to share it Messages full of common sense And very healthy for the next youth.

A call to reason

In its Thursday broadcast, for example, eBay put the humor aside for a moment and offered a series of very reasonable musings about the salaries posted and the slim probability of reaching these levels.

Don’t let yourself cloud the numbers we win. This is not real. AuronPlay There is one He said among other things.

eBay’s short speech was focused in favor of studies And keep your feet on the ground. Laftari asked millions of his followers, usually young men, that when they saw the wages of an ordinary person they did not think they should have devoted themselves to broadcasting.

Specifically, his words seek Many young people are prevented from wanting to drop out of school And start creating content to be the next eBay and earn these amounts which are far from your normal salary.

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For this reason, the Basque people appealed to common sense and to continue studying or working and then “decide what you should do with your life.” In this sense, he pointed out that people who want to make a name in Twitch They should do it in their spare time “because it is a hobby”.

AuronPlay is one of the content creators who make the most money on Twitch. filming.

The money you earn is not real. This happens in one out of every billion cases,” warned an eBay concerned about the effect on his followers knowing that some of the banners, among them, They get more than 2,300,000 dollars.

“I don’t know why I am so crazy and started earning 2000 pesos on Twitch. However, I will keep working because until I am 100% sure I can live on Twitch, I don’t quit my studies or work. And I will finish my studies, if I can,” eBay thought about the importance of having an academic training in life.

Ibai also advised creators who are just starting out or who have low views to relax and Don’t think too much about stats of their radio programmes.

“No, it’s not unmotivated. You have three viewers. Take it as a shiver of laughter with colleagues. Don’t take it as a job,” he explained.

Tanizen, the most growing Twitch Streamer of recent times, according to eBay Lano.

Tanizen, the most growing Twitch Streamer of recent times, according to eBay Lano.

To better illustrate what it takes to create a career on Twitch, give the example of Tanizen, one of the more advanced streamers currently in the Tortilland series of Maine Craft: “He works in the morning because he’s a mechanic. He has adapted to the day but continues to go to work.”

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Knowing that much of the community was confused, eBay was interested in the idea of ​​working on Twitch: “I see a lot of obsession with wanting to be a streamer. The Rock is believed to be a streamers on Twitch and you are a millionaire. Which is quite a lie, really.”

With information from La Vanguardia.

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