Get this new game for free on Steam and keep it forever

If you want to add a new video game to your Steam catalog without paying a dime, Fanatical is offering you the option to do so for a limited time.

Warn Free game! Just finished weekend This should be bad news for Steam users, as some titles available on Valve’s platform will no longer be able to be played without paying a dime for them. however, The digital store for PC games does not want to lose its momentum It is currently available The game is completely free and can be claimed for a limited time.

This way, if you have an active Steam account, you can get the game completely free for a limited time. Bedouin survival, which has a similar proposition to what was seen in other more successful titles such as Vampire Survivor. Once you get the code, They will be added forever to your library of Steam titlesalthough it is one of the promotions available in fanatic portalso you will have to go to their page, sign up for their newsletter and claim the game Before next Thursday, November 9, at 11:59 PM (Spanish Peninsula time)When you stop being free.

Get Nomad Survival for free on Steam

Nomad Survival, a new free-to-play game on Steam for a limited time by Fanatical

Nomad Survival is a Roguelite game based on auto-attacks, wave clearing and time management, where you can expect to become more powerful as you progress through each attempt by improving your stats.. The game consists of waves of enemies attacking you from all directions, and every minute changes the type of enemies that can appear and how they behave in predictable ways. You control your character’s movement, automatically using available skills to defeat your opponents and gaining new skills (or upgrading existing ones) when you gain enough experience to level up.

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Get Nomad Survival for free on Steam

So, don’t forget to get Nomad Survival is completely free through Fanatical and take advantage of its connection to Steam To add it to your library and get a new free game for a limited time before next Thursday, November 9, 11:59pm (Spanish Peninsula time).

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