The new version of Paint adds Photoshop functionality

Microsoft Paint brought Photoshop features to the app. (Microsoft)

New version of paintDrawing application Microsoft Which is installed by default on all devices using the operating system Windowsnew functions have been enabled in the program so that it now has features found in other professional photo editing programs such as Photo shop.

The main novelty of this version of to request Is that now users will be able to work with layers, which will make it possible, for example, to make them Compositions More complex drawings and even basic label design using just this feature. “They can now add, remove and manage layers on the canvas to create digital art pieces,” he says. Microsoft In his blog “Windows from the inside“.

To access this feature, users will just have to click on “Layers“, which will be available in a new button at the top right of the window, in the toolbar. tools. This will open a side panel where any number of items desired by the user can be placed and they can be arranged as desired by dragging the created items up or down.

Microsoft It was also announced that layers will be able to perform individual operations such as copying, copying or blending to manage their layers content In the correct way that befits the Creator.

Microsoft Paint has integrated Photoshop features into the application such as separating images from the background. (Microsoft)

On the other hand, users will have the ability to open Files In shape Png which includes the function “Transparency“This helps place items without a colored background on the canvas. This feature is especially useful in case you want to perform Digital designs Each element will appear isolated rather than having individual frames, making working in the space difficult.

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Because this program was not previously compatible with the image format PngThe system forced users who opened this type of file in the program to add a white background to the file the pictures.

Transparency“Not only will it make PNG files respect their origin, but it will also allow you to isolate objects from them Photographs And convert these items into individual files using these types of images. That way the whole process involved Release The entire digital composition can be done paint No additional application intervention will be required.

“When you work with this function (Transparency) In one layer, you’ll notice a checkerboard-like pattern, which indicates that this part of the image is transparent,” he points out. Microsoft In the official announcement. It also ensures that when you delete parts of picture In layers it will remove this part and make it transparent instead of replacing it with a white palette.

statement Microsoft It also ensures that despite the arrival of these developments paint, currently only being released to “Insiders” included in the developer program. They will be responsible for testing new functionalities of the software and these features will soon be included in public releases of the app in future updates of the software. OS.

Like Microsoft, which made these new features available for its original design software (which evolved over time from a drawing program), canva It also appears as a close competitor to Photoshop and the rest of Adobe’s software, which has gradually increased its subscription prices.

Having features that can be accessed for free instead of paying for them may cause more users to start using such software frequently and make the users’ job easier. Digital design For those who have fewer resources to employ the services of a Programming Premium.

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