If you miss an RPG like Skyrim, be sure to pay attention to the first trailer because it doesn’t disappoint – Avowed

We are RPG masters So when they announce a new RPG, it’s impossible not to get excited about what they’re going to do. After it was announced a few years ago I confessa team obsidian He took advantage of Xbox Showcase 2023 to finally show off his new video game and as you can see below, it looks great.

A first-person shooter, the new fantasy RPG from my authors Pillars of eternity It is action packed with melee combat and magic spells. It’s inevitable to think of games from The Elder Scrolls saga, but also other titles like Dark Messiah from Arkane Studios, because of the way you fight enemies.

“Confront the dangerous creatures that inhabit the Living Lands as you wish. Mix and match swords, spells, firearms, and shields to quickly eliminate enemies,” reads the game’s official description which, surprisingly, confirmed it was put in Yura’s worldthe same fictional universe of the saga Pillars of eternity. “Freeze an enemy and smash them to pieces with your axe. Find spells in your grimoire to catch up to the enemy and finish them off with a sword strike. Strike an enemy with your shield to stun them before slashing them with your sword and knocking them off a cliff with a kick. How you approach every fight depends on you,” add the Avowed Officials.

The new Obsidian will be released on Xbox Series and PC on a date yet to be determined 2024. It will be the first day on Game Pass.

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