Science teaches us to spot a liar

The Science Capable of doing many things that have an extension great meaning in this day. Now he has shown that he is capable of it too Detect liar. It is true that this happens under certain conditions, but it is enough to have hope in this sector and to realize the principle that tomorrow can help in many different contexts. In addition, the technology developed Science Under this study, it is easy to apply, as well as cheap, so anyone can try it at home.

Of course, it is also true that it is not maximally effective and that we should be careful what we do about it and not draw hasty conclusions. The Science It shows that it is possible to detect a liar through this method, but always with caution and, above all, respect. However, this method may not work for some people Detect liarso the information should be taken with relative joy.

The idea behind all this, and that Science Proven to be effective, it turns out to distract the liar while preventing him from detailing the lie. But you have to be careful about this, because not all people lie the same way and not everyone can be distracted by the same thing. So the distraction must be great because a simple distraction will not be important enough for the liar’s mind, according to the liar. Science. What is important in all of this is to catch the liar, so we must get him to explain something different that is important enough so that he can focus his attention on it and not invent the lie.

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The experiment included an important secondary task

As we said before, The idea that science can catch a liar in this experiment is to make him perform a secondary task. But this secondary task must be important, or at least seem to be. If a person believes that a task is important, he will focus all his energy on doing it and will not be able to invent the details necessary for a lie.

Science says you can spot liars

In this experience the pursuit of ScienceThe subjects were divided into several groups. Some of them were given the task of remembering a license plate and lying about their personal data. They had a hard time carrying both at the same time, as they were told the other task was important. People who didn’t have to lie didn’t find it too difficult to continue the experiment.

Scientific experiments, but they are not always true

It is true that studies conducted through Science They are very reliable, but this is not always the case. Through this latest liar detection experiment, it was discovered that some people can lie better than others. With this situation in mind, it is important to consider that not everyone has the same ability to lie.

Despite all this, the difference between the groups that had to lie and those that had to tell the truth wasn’t overly great. In this way, the file Science Show that assigning a liar to perform a task can force him to tell the truth, but the task must be important and the person must regard it as such.

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This study was conducted by Aldert Freege He received his Ph.D. from the University of Portsmouth in the UK, and was recently published in the International Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Analysis.

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