The “innovative” project in Paris to combat the heat wave

he Climate change It affects everyone more strongly, however In the French capital, Paris, they have already begun to take measures to find a solution or at least mitigate its effects.

That’s how I explained it Dan Lert, Economic Transformation Advisorwhich detailed it They plan to carry out extensive greening and remove 40% of the asphalt in the city.

He added: “We expect and anticipate very strong and very high temperature peaks, and heat waves reaching 50 degrees. Leert pointed out that the climate in Paris will resemble the climate of a city such as Seville in southern Spain in the coming years.

The Parisian official added: “The idea is to move from a city that looks like a radiator, which has an urban heat island, to a city that is an oasis.”

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He also warned that one of the main concerns is surfaces: “We have some zinc that makes Paris look nice, but on a roof like this it’s 80 degrees. “When we have temperature peaks of 40 to 50 degrees, we will need to insulate those buildings.”

One proposal is to plant more city streets with trees.

To address this problem, In Paris, they propose planting 170,000 trees by 2026, eliminating parking spaces to turn them into green areas in 2030, and removing nearly 40% of their asphalt.

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