The importance of company well-being after the 4-day work week

Improving employee well-being: The importance of company well-being beyond the 4-day work week

According to a recent large-scale study of the 4-day working week in the UK, 40% of the nearly 2,900 employees who took part in the trial reported fewer sleep problems or less insomnia.

the study Conducted at a New Zealand company called Perpetual Guardian, after applying a shorter work week, employees reported improved sleep quality, lower stress levels, and increased job satisfaction.

The company has seen a shift in business focus towards increasing productivity and efficiency during shorter working days. Despite having fewer working hours, employees were able to maintain the same levels of performance and complete their tasks more effectively.

At the moment in Spain, Reducing the workweek to 4 days is a pilot project. Until it is established in companies in our country, it is important to work so that insomnia and sleep problems are not a hindrance to the correct functioning and health of cooperators.

In Spain, studies have been conducted on To investigate the prevalence of insomnia and its effects on the population. According to a study published in 2018 by the Spanish Neurological Society, approximately 25% of Spaniards suffer from some kind of sleep disorder, insomnia being the most common.

Therefore, providing teams with health tools that promote healthy habits and good sleep hygiene not only provides a solution to address the problem, but also acts as a preventive measure.

Corporate wellness platforms such as WellWo offer various tools, such as sleep-improving programs, nutritional plans to combat stress, and emotional and exercise advice. This comprehensive 360-degree approach combats sleep problems and insomnia.

In addition, platform titles Six pillars of health: physical, nutritional, emotional, environmental, financial and social. According to WellWo’s philosophy, only by globally addressing all of these aspects can a healthier team be achieved.

one request Free demo out of service Good And discover how to become a healthy company by taking care of health in an occasional way.

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