The harsh nickname Kate Middleton received while courting Prince William at university

They reveal the harsh nickname Kate Middleton received while courting Prince William in college (Photo by Chris Jackson)

currently, Kate Middleton She is one of the most influential women in the world, and as if that were not enough, after the coronation of King Carlos III and Queen Camilla, she became The future heir to the throne of the United Kingdom – with the title of Princess of Wales – with her husband, Prince William. However, she did not always occupy that spot, and when she was one of hundreds of students at the University of St Andrews, she had to face the disdain of some classmates who called her out for her origins. nasty title.

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Kate Middleton is one of the most influential women in the world

Kate Middleton was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, England. It is located in the county of Berkshire, and is the first daughter of a family of Season half. Although on his father’s side he had a somewhat distant attachment to the English crown, the fact is that, for much of his childhood, he led an ordinary life. She went to school, went out with her friends, and Her parents, Carol and Michael, worked as flight attendants and flight dispatchers for the airline British Airways.

Its context changed abruptly when the Middletons decided to leave their aviation career behind and creature Cut the party A company specialized in selling and distributing items, decoration and other products for partiesVarious events and shows. The risky investment paid off, and soon after, he became a thriving business that boosted him financially.

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Thanks to this, both Kate Middleton and her younger sisters – Philippa (Pippa) Middleton, 36, and James Middleton, 32 – were able to Access to the best schools and educational institutions the UK has to offera fact that has dramatically changed the life of the current Princess of Wales.

After completing his high school studies, Kate began studying art history at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where in 2001 she met Prince William.. But long before she became heir to the throne, she had to face the scorn of many of her peers, who mocked and criticized her for her origins.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially opened the Museum of Virginia in Dundee.  January 29, 2019

Kate and Guillermo met in 2001 at the University of St Andrews – Credits:Cover

This was said by author Katie Nichols at The Vanity Fair Podcast DynastyWhere he revealed that the students are “the most stressed” Call it “doors.” manual(in Spanish “manual doors”)A phrase said by flight attendants as soon as the plane finishes landing. By this, they were referring to Carroll’s work before the establishment of the company that incorporated them into the upper class.

According to the author himself, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother never let this get to her Although he did not like the insulting nickname at all. “In her defence, Kate was never part of the uptight upper classes that attended that university,” said the journalist, dedicated to the royal family.


Kate Middleton and Prince William with their children George, Charlotte and Louis – Credits: Instagram

This isn’t the only ironic nickname the current Catherine Elizabeth Middleton has had to put up with over the years. for a long time, The British press named it Waity Katie” (pun on “wait,” which means “to wait” in English) Because she was a friend of Prince William for ten years before he proposed to her.

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