The hateful message that a customer left a girl on the ticket sparked outrage in the networks

Bars or restaurantsselected places for meetings between friends, family or work groups, They become a place to relax away from the daily routine. Upon entering these gastronomic establishments, those who sit at the table become customers and They are served by specialized staff called waiters or waiters.

From that moment on, the staff of the place is responsible for providing a menu with various options of food and drinks in the place so that people can choose and have a good time. without being legalized in all countries, A tip is a contribution to the hospitality received It is purely and exclusively dependent on the consumer’s good.

With this panorama showing gray in the analysis, A girl from Mexico faced a confusing situation In a restaurant. At the end of his service at the table, a man who had to pay for what he consumed, began a conversation that gradually turned into an unpleasant state of harassment, According to local media side.

The ticket with the controversial legend

by name Tania OlivasThis young waitress argued with the customer who repeatedly asked her according to her defence, Your phone number to start a conversation out of place. Despite the constant refusal of the girl, who told her that she had a partner, this person decided to take A ticket with the expenses of what was consumed and I wrote to him a strong message: “Your friend leaves you a tip“.

Through your Facebook account, Tania I told the origin of this case: “Today I had to deal with a harassed and harassed client who urgently asked for my phone number and I told him”No my friend, I have a friend. He got angry and wrote me this – obviously not leaving a tip – now it turns out I have to Digital pass to earn tip“, He said.

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after eating – according to what a ticket Buy – cheeseburger, tuna tostada and shrimp taco, man He left the organization confused for not accomplishing his mission She exposed the waitress, who sees this economic contribution as an additional plus for the service provided.

Illustrative image.  The truth caused an outcry in the networks (Image: Unplash)
Illustrative image. The truth caused an outcry in the networks (Image: Unplash)

This Facebook post had a huge impact on the part of Followers Who, in the first place, sympathized with the employee of the place and then accused the attitude of this person, whose identity is not known. “It’s a shame.” “How terrible it is to go through something like this.”; “It is disgraceful for this to happen” and “I was going to complain to the owners of the restaurant” were some of the messages left.

Also, there were those who suggested that in case you have to go through a similar situation, to deceive the customer, giving him a fake cell phone number, This way, you don’t lose the edge.


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