The Colombian judiciary has ordered the detention of President Ivan Duque in Jabriya for five days

The court also ordered Duque to appoint a special group of Military forces or national police To accompany the conservation and protection work carried out by a government authority in the national park, located in the center of the Cordillera of the Andes, in the provinces of Tolima, Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda.

Chief Duke who He was also fined $4,000.rejected the ruling, arguing that his government had protected the natural parks and complied with a court order to conserve the Los Nevados ecosystem.

“We saw the first inexplicable act, because he wants to bypass the constitutional judiciary, as he supposedly ordered the arrest of the president, allegedly not carrying out this sentence. This sentence is more than fulfilled,” the president stated in a government action.

“The decision is not only unconstitutional, but it is not final (…)”, Duque added, who asked the higher judicial authorities to review the ruling to determine the meaning of the decision he considers “Political and without legal support.”

In Colombia, President A it was special I can only accuse and achieve by a legislative committee and judged by the conference in its entiretyTherefore, according to experts, The court order has no chance of success.

In addition, the incident of contempt must go to a consultation in the High Court of Justice and is not immediately carried out.

Minister of Justice Wilson Ruizalso stated that evidence of compliance with the order was sent to justice and was ignored by the court.

The Nevados National ParkIt covers an area of ​​613.8 km² and elevations range between 2,660 and 5,321 meters above sea level, and includes the snow-capped mountains of Ruiz, Tolima, Santa Isabel and Quindio.

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