How to activate “Invisible Mode” in WhatsApp

The WhatsApp It actually allows users to hide their online status i.e. disable Connected in the messaging app. This way, other contacts will not be able to tell if you are inside the messenger or not.

The WhatsApp Been working on this feature for the past few months. It was first seen in development in early July for an iOS app. It also started developing an Android version at the end of that month. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially announced the ability to hide online status on WhatsApp last month. After several months of successful testing, the “online” deactivation tool is now available to everyone.

To set “On Line”, it is necessary to go to Settings WhatsApp > Account > Privacy > Last Seen and Online. The same 4 status options as recently seen will be found here: Everyone, Nobody, My Contacts, My Contacts Except…

Below the last seen setting is a new menu where you can control your online status. There are two options here: All and Same Last Seen. If the first option is selected, anyone on WhatsApp will be able to see you when you are online. This is true regardless of whether the other party’s phone number is saved on the device.

The second option gives an extra layer of privacy. Connection status can be set the same way it was last seen. Thus, it is possible to completely hide the online status from everyone, allow all saved contacts to be seen, or manually select the contact who can see them. As you might expect, hiding your last seen or online status will prevent you from seeing that information about other users.

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