The easiest way to cancel an email sent in Gmail

Delete an email from Gmail. (Photo: TekCrispy)

Platform gmail, in addition to various updates to its system, is one of the most influential resources in the digital world. This allows you to send Email messages Through any account or affiliated with it The Google.

However, it usually occurs in cases Sending emails without previously reviewing them and we’ve missed a document or message for the recipient.

In this line, problems can occur if it is about coordinating the work or if the user is applying for a vacancy and may not be able to send another email. then How do you solve it? Gmail has a simple trick to bypass these procedures.

This is how you can delete an email sent using the Cancel button

The Best way to remove send from an email through the assigned function. Its use is very simple, you just need to follow these steps:

1. Open the Gmail app and once the user reaches the inbox, touch the button in the lower right corner”Writes“.

2. Fill in the shipping information As shown in the image below. There use your secondary mail.

3. Click on the icon send mail (in the form of a triangle). Doing so will return you to your inbox, there A notification box will open In the lower left corner of the screen it says “cancel download‘ also ‘EliminatesTouch it.

4. After a few seconds of charging, It will return to the build menu. Once there, you can adjust the errors in the shipping address or what was failing before sending it definitively.

gmail.  (Photo: see how it's done)
gmail. (Photo: see how it’s done)

This is how you can configure the undo sending option in Gmail

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While the undo or cancel sending button is the easiest way to avoid sending the wrong email, The notification time is really shortfor this reason, If it is not pressed within 5 seconds after sending, the option will disappear.

But the good news is that Users can extend the term of the fund Through the Gmail settings menu from a the computer. to do this. Follow next steps:

1. From the inbox Click on the cogwheel icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Doing so will open a sidebar corresponding to “Quick InstallationPress the first button in the list that says “.View all settings“.

3. After the above, the configuration menu will be loaded. In the “General” tab, find the address “Undo Send:There is a menu button, open it and select the seconds you want the cancellation period to last (5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds).

4. Finally, scroll to the end of the list and tap on “Saving changesto finish settings.

gmail.  (Photo: ComputerHoy)
gmail. (Photo: ComputerHoy)

Quick Trick to Avoid Sending Wrong Emails

By activating the ‘function’Confirmed before shipmentIt can help any user to confirm whether they want to send an email or not. This happens because when you enable it, A box will open that prevents instant mail sending.


1. Once the user enters the Gmail inbox, Open side menu (Click on the three horizontal lines icon).

2. Once you get there, scroll to the end of the bar and tap on “Adjust“.

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3. The menu will be changed. Now click on the optionGeneral compositionwho tops the list.

4. Finally, go to the end of the bar and click on the option “Confirmed before shipmentto enable the function.

gmail.  (Photo:
gmail. (Photo:

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